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Beggshill Dog Paddock


.An Exclusive Use Area ; 1 - 2 Acres; Aberdeenshire


The Dog Paddock is a secure space for off lead exercise situated behind Little Beggshill & Beggshill Bothy near Drumblade, Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

Extending to just under an acre, the paddock is fully enclosed with 5ft deer fencing. Some areas of gorse and bushes are left for snuffling in, whilst the main grass area is kept short. Water buckets are provided, along with a poo bin. 

There are two points of access to the Dog Paddock, we ask that the gates are always closed securely behind you.

The Dog Paddock is available for anyone to rent out. We charge £5 for an hours play, of which £1 will be donated to Give a Greyhound a Home. No restriction is placed on the number of dogs you bring, but please treat the area with respect and pick up after your dogs.

To book the Dog Paddock, call Ted and Steph on 01466 740363 or use our Contact Form.