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Dogwood Adventure Play | Private Hire Dog Exercise Field | Bishopton, Darlington/Stockton


An enriching environment for your dog to run, play, sniff, discover and learn... a place for you to relax.

Dogwood Adventure Play is a specially designed enclosed field available for you and your dog to hire on an individual basis. The fencing is 2m high and so is ideal for dogs that cannot be let off lead in public places - perhaps because they do not enjoy meeting other dogs, or for those that don't have great recall skills, puppies or adult dogs that need to work on training in a safe and secure environment without distractions, owners of rescue dogs who would like to bond with their new companion, or anyone else who would like to relax and enjoy the peaceful countryside while watching their dogs run free.

Adventure Play equipment is provided to increase confidence, range of motion, strength and balance in dogs, while the Sensory Garden is made up of a variety of smells and textures which reduce stress and anxiety.

Coded entry, lockable gates, frequent perimeter checks, along with 2m fencing and rabbit wire at the base as well as 35 degree top brackets mean that everyone can relax. 

Set in the countryside surrounded by fields, you can unwind while your dog explores the fascinating environment rich with scent. 

We also offer Field Trips, our dog walking collection service where dogs can enjoy off-lead exercise at Dogwood Adventure Play either alone or in small carefully controlled groups. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the first enclosed field in County Durham and Teesside!