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Empowering Dog Owners, Enhancing Canine Joy: At Dog Walking Fields, our mission is to connect dog lovers across the UK and beyond with a diverse range of welcoming spaces for their furry friends to explore and play. Committed to transparency and honesty, we proudly list private hire fields, public parks with dog areas, and other canine-friendly facilities, always with the owner’s permission.

We value the community-driven, independent input and the importance of freedom in choosing the right space for your dog’s needs. We believe in setting a standard not through imposition, but through collaboration and respect for every dog and owner’s unique requirements and every dog field owners practices.

Disclaimer: Dog Walking Fields lists private hire and public parks with enclosed dog play areas (“dog parks”) social dog playgroups, indoor dog training barns and daycare centres with facilities to hire, equestrian arenas for hire for dog exercise, paddocks with agility equipment and will consider anything else, as long as we have the owner’s permission to share it’s location. We are not responsible for the condition of the facilities in any way. We are not responsible in setting the standard of fencing height or security or each individual definition of secure field or enclosed area. Any dispute as to the security or authenticity of the facility needs to be directed towards the facility owner and insurance provider. Dog Walking Fields is designed to provide awareness of these facilities and we only ask that everyone listed provides an enclosed area full or part time, whether outdoor or indoor and are honest about what they provide in their advertising and they will be removed from our website if they falsely advertise. It is the clients / person hiring the fields responsibility too check that the field you are interested in hiring or visiting is suitable for your and your dogs’ needs.POSTCODES ARE ONLY APPROXIMATE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR CHOSEN FIELD FOR DIRECTIONS.